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“Non-Flowering Plants”

Posted by on February 5, 2010

Non-Flowering Plants Ferns, Mosses, Lichens, Mushrooms and other Fungi  by Floyd S. Shuttleworth and Herbert S. Zim, is a Golden Nature Guide published in 1967. While it may seem that a 43 year-old book might not be a good reference guide, guess again. Certainly some of the information is dated, particularly taxonomy but the basic information is very sound. There are no photographs, but there is an abundance of color illustrations. In this age of digital photography that might seem to be a minus. However, the quality of the drawings is excellent and because of the way they are presented, actually do a better job of explaining than a photo ever could. The text is concise and clearly written. It is a small book, 4X6 inches, making it easy to pack on the trail. It is also a very good book for kids, 5th grade and above because the illustrations fill in for vocabulary gaps, providing good talking points. 

160 pages – out of print but available  via the Internet, cost $1 new in 1967, my used copy cost me $1 plus shipping.

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