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It’s A’bloomin’

Posted by on March 5, 2011



It was just about a year ago that James, my fishing buddy, helped plant the native Witch Hazel (Hamamelis vernalis) around our woods. Lo and Behold, one of them not only survived, it bloomed! What a wonderful surprise. The blizzard, which got to about 18 inches deep around here, left only a few inches of it above the snow. Within a few days of the beginning of the melt, it bloomed. By the time James and him Mom got here to see it, the snow was gone,but the seven blooms remained. They are smaller than those on more mature shrubs, so it will be interesting to see their size next year.

Many people think the cultivarForsythia, with its bright yellow blooms are the first to appear. Wrong. This is the first, followed by the white Service Berry, Redbud and Dogwood. The mature Witch Hazel can be quite spectacular, getting up to nine feet tall with numerous sprouts from the base. Imagine that size covered with clusters of yellow and orange flowers. A sight to behold.

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