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Calm Singers

Posted by on May 17, 2010

“>Many animals have instincts that automatically put them in motion to flee when approached by people. Others have instincts that initially make them motionless until they either feel threatened enough to attempt an escape or safe enough to move.

Frogs seem to be some of those motionless ones. The Gray Treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis – Hyla versicolor) is one of those very common frogs even people who don’t venture into the woods find. They often hide in flower pots, around water faucets and other moist spots outside homes. Those who are not fond of spiders should be glad to find Gray Treefrogs hanging around since they eat spiders as well as insects. They can be gently picked up and moved out of harms way when encountered. This one was hiding between two small plant pots. It went unnoticed until all the pots were moved and I was about to move the tray.

It rested quite nicely on my hand as I took it to a nearby pond and put it on a rock. Only then did it move, hopping to the ground, going under the overhanging  leaves of an oak sprout.


 Then there was this magnificant frog. I had already walked past it before it registered in my brain I had seen it. Looking back, I confirmed that yes indeed, I had seen a frog. Slowly raising my camera, I took a picture. It was of the frog’s back. Then I slowly walked back, hoping not to scare it into the water. Success. Kneeling  about five feet away, I took a couple of more pictures. Then I inched closer, stopped, took more photos. I repeated this until I was within a foot of the frog. Obviously I was not scaring the frog. Finished with photos, I stood up. It just sat there, even as I walked away. Looking back at the spot 20 minutes later, it was gone.

Later with the aid of the photos, I identified it as a male  Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana Shaw). I hope it sticks around, it will be an interesting night sound along with the Gray Treefrogs and peepers.

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