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Persistence and Procrastination

Posted by on March 11, 2010

Who says procrastination doesn’t pay. Most mothers, most bosses and well, I’ve said it myself. But what’s a saying without an exception. There are occasions where procrastination results in something positive. Such is the case with the “Hatching Insects.”

It began last January. That’s when I wrote about a mass of insect eggs found on a bramble stem sticking out of the snow. There were two masses, I took one, cut it open to discover what it was. The other one remained where it was outside. I titled that one “Keeping Warm Insect Style.” I’ve been checking that egg mass regularly since the weather has gotten warmer, so I wouldn’t miss seeing what hatches.

Then Monday, while writing about garlic for a special presentation, I needed a particular gardening book. It was on a shelf above the ledge where the cut-in-half egg case has languished since January. I had procrastinated about disposing of it.

It moved.

I looked again, closer. Both halves of the egg case were alive with what appeared to be small worms. But they weren’t worms, they were the insects’ pupae moving because the insect was trying to get out. I Grabbed the camera, turned on a lamp to take some still photos. Then, wondered if the video camera could get close enough to record these tiny insects. The answer was yes. Video time is limited in this venue, so have a small clip of one of these insects getting the last four of the six legs free. It actually took over four minutes, you will see the last minute-and-a-half. Many people will recognize this cute little one, a beneficial insect that can get quite large. I had one in my dorm room, named it Johnny P. Mantis.

Click on “persistent” below to see the video. 


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