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Spring’s a Coming!

Posted by on March 2, 2010

You can keep your groundhogs. I’ll take a duck, or in this case, flocks of ducks, to let me know that Spring is on the way — right behind them.

I’ve not done any research on this, although perhaps someone else has somewhere.  All I know is when those funny duck sounds start coming  down from the sky, whether you can actually see them or not, Spring is imminent. Time to rejoice.

Those who have faith in the groundhog’s ability to predict, should know that statistics are that groundhogs have been accurate only 28 percent of the time on Groundhog’s Day (February 2). In addition, it is not even supposed to be a groundhog that makes the prediction. According to folklore, German farmers would keep watch for a badger to come out of hibernation, not a groundhog. But when they came to America, those farmers couldn’t find any badgers in their Pennsylvania area. But there were plenty of groundhogs. So they decided to replace the badger with a groundhog. No wonder that sleepy groundhog  often bites the guy who yanks him out of his nest on a cold winter morning.

Go Groundhogs!

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One Response to Spring’s a Coming!

  1. Dianne

    Ducks will be back soon, sometime around March 17th.That’s spring to me!
    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures.

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