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Waiting for . . .

When life gets a bit hectic, a walk through the woods can be relaxing. Especially if the phone is turned off. It was such a day when checking to see which wildflowers were beginning to sprout, bud or bloom that I stopped next to an old dead tree held off the ground by a sturdy … Continue reading »

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Calm Singers

“>Many animals have instincts that automatically put them in motion to flee when approached by people. Others have instincts that initially make them motionless until they either feel threatened enough to attempt an escape or safe enough to move. Frogs seem to be some of those motionless ones. The Gray Treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis – Hyla versicolor) is … Continue reading »

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Lucky Critter

“>”>These days, with the advent of spring, much of my time is spent in the garden. There is much to do to get my raised beds ready for my favorite vegetable — chile peppers. Not being really fond of the smell of burning gasoline, I cultivate using one of those long handled four-pronged tools. I’ve … Continue reading »

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