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Unob­tru­sive Bloomers

                                While the Ser­vice Berry is mak­ing a big white splash among the still gray for­est land­scape, there are the rather quiet, incon­spic­u­ous flow­ers that are eas­ily over­looked. They don’t mean to hide, they just don’t need to be osten­ta­tious. They … Con­tinue read­ing »

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A Bit of Spring

In these post-​​​​blizzard days, thought folks would enjoy a few wild­flower photos.   ,

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Will the Real Poi­son Ivy …

More than once, first time vis­i­tors to the Ranch ask why poi­son ivy is allowed to climb  the small oak tree along the front door walk­way. I’ve sort of got­ten used to it and have devel­oped a rather nice lit­tle speech about the virtues of the inno­cent five-​​​​leaved Vir­ginia Creeper (Partheno­cis­sus quin­que­fo­lia L. Plan­chon) Almost every part of the vine … Con­tinue read­ing »

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Red­bud Extravaganza

While many peo­ple anx­iously await the dog­wood blooms, I look for the hints of the deep pink to red to pur­ple blooms of the red­bud (Cer­cis canaden­sis L.).  Appear­ing just after the white bloom clus­ters of the Ser­vice berry (Ame­lanchier aborea), I’ve never got­ten used to that sud­den splash of color. This year I decided I needed to mark the … Con­tinue read­ing »

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The Witch Hazel Event

  We don’t have many dis­mal days around here, but the Sat­ur­day sched­uled for the “Witch Hazel Event” in early March hap­pened to have great  poten­tial to be a dandy of a dis­mal day. For­tu­nately, some weeks before I had men­tioned to James, my fish­ing buddy, that I’d have some trees to plant in March. “Would you be inter­ested … Con­tinue read­ing »

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Ebony Spleen­wort — What’s in a Name

I’ve always been curi­ous about things with the word “spleen” in its name since I don’t have one. Spleen that is. For those not up on human anatomy, the spleen is a sort of soft, spongy organ, usu­ally located on the left side, just below the last rib. It used to be thought that peo­ple … Con­tinue read­ing »

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Non-​​Flowering Plants”

Non-​​​​Flowering Plants Ferns, Mosses, Lichens, Mush­rooms and other Fungi  by Floyd S. Shut­tle­worth and Her­bert S. Zim, is a Golden Nature Guide pub­lished in 1967. While it may seem that a 43 year-​​​​old book might not be a good ref­er­ence guide, guess again. Cer­tainly some of the infor­ma­tion is dated, par­tic­u­larly tax­on­omy but the basic infor­ma­tion is very sound. There … Con­tinue read­ing »

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