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Author Archives: Sandy Nelson

Lucky Critter

“>”>These days, with the advent of spring, much of my time is spent in the garden. There is much to do to get my raised beds ready for my favorite vegetable — chile peppers. Not being really fond of the smell of burning gasoline, I cultivate using one of those long handled four-pronged tools. I’ve … Continue reading »

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Redbud Extravaganza

While many people anxiously await the dogwood blooms, I look for the hints of the deep pink to red to purple blooms of the redbud (Cercis canadensis L.).  Appearing just after the white bloom clusters of the Service berry (Amelanchier aborea), I’ve never gotten used to that sudden splash of color. This year I decided I needed to mark the … Continue reading »

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Mighty Mite

For some reason, I sometimes just don’t have the stamina I recall having when in my 20s. So, it is not uncommon for me to take short breaks where I just stand still. Such was the case this last week while looking in our woods for great places to plant Spice bush [Lindera benzoin (L.) … Continue reading »

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The Witch Hazel Event

  We don’t have many dismal days around here, but the Saturday scheduled for the “Witch Hazel Event” in early March happened to have great  potential to be a dandy of a dismal day. Fortunately, some weeks before I had mentioned to James, my fishing buddy, that I’d have some trees to plant in March. “Would you be interested … Continue reading »

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Uneventful to Unique

What began as an ordinary walk-about on a rather cloudy day ended with a great find.  There was an area of our property I hadn’t trekked through in months. It was time, my curiosity said, to see what changes nature had thrown our way over the winter.  There was also another reason for a walk-about — shed … Continue reading »

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Persistence and Procrastination

Who says procrastination doesn’t pay. Most mothers, most bosses and well, I’ve said it myself. But what’s a saying without an exception. There are occasions where procrastination results in something positive. Such is the case with the “Hatching Insects.” It began last January. That’s when I wrote about a mass of insect eggs found on a bramble stem … Continue reading »

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It’s a What?

On March 3rd the sun shone, the weather began to change and the snow thawed. Walking along a trail I’ve named “Lower Turtle Trail,” my curiosity got the better of me. Wonder if I can find a snake under any of the many logs along the way. Slowly, I turned over a log, rolling it toward me so nothing that … Continue reading »

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Spring’s a Coming!

You can keep your groundhogs. I’ll take a duck, or in this case, flocks of ducks, to let me know that Spring is on the way — right behind them. I’ve not done any research on this, although perhaps someone else has somewhere.  All I know is when those funny duck sounds start coming  down from the … Continue reading »

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Trail Cam Again

  Obviously, deer are curious also. I speculate that the deer was hunting around the base of the tree for acorns, got within range  of the motion detector of the camera and then heard the camera  turn on the infrared light. But who really knows — only the deer.   Look to the center and then right … Continue reading »

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Likin’ Lichen

    When venturing outside to photograph the mosses, there is no way to ignore lichen. I’m not sure how lichen got to be called what its called, its not in my Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins. The dictionary is not much help either, merely speculating it is of Greek origin. People often call lichen “moss” when … Continue reading »

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