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Author Archives: Sandy Nelson

Waiting for . . .

When life gets a bit hectic, a walk through the woods can be relaxing. Especially if the phone is turned off. It was such a day when checking to see which wildflowers were beginning to sprout, bud or bloom that I stopped next to an old dead tree held off the ground by a sturdy … Continue reading »

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Unobtrusive Bloomers

                                While the Service Berry is making a big white splash among the still gray forest landscape, there are the rather quiet, inconspicuous flowers that are easily overlooked. They don’t mean to hide, they just don’t need to be ostentatious. They … Continue reading »

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It’s A’bloomin’

    It was just about a year ago that James, my fishing buddy, helped plant the native Witch Hazel (Hamamelis vernalis) around our woods. Lo and Behold, one of them not only survived, it bloomed! What a wonderful surprise. The blizzard, which got to about 18 inches deep around here, left only a few … Continue reading »

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A Bit of Spring

In these post-blizzard days, thought folks would enjoy a few wildflower photos.   ,

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Blending In

 In late September while doing some outside chores, the phrase “Get your camera” hit my ears. It is not an uncommon event, there’s always someone, somewhere, finding something that desperately needs its photo taken. I attempt to be timely in response since many animals are fleet of foot. This time however, it was this interesting caterpillar. Since … Continue reading »

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Hiding in Brightness

   Winter brings cold, snow and the desire to stay warm. What better time to review the photos of critters taken in more pleasant weather. It was the beginning of Fall, September, that while clearing the path I call “Lower Turtle Trail,” I noticed a bright yellow splotch on a deep green leaf of a Huckleberry … Continue reading »

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A Fall Renewal

Most people think of Spring as the time of new life or new beginnings, with the birth of fawns, hatching of birds or of tadpoles transforming into frogs. Actually, every season is one of renewal, some more obvious than others. Take that little hole in the ground. It was rather innocuous, about an inch in diameter. If I had not … Continue reading »

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An Accumulation of Reptiles

That snakes and lizards abound in and around my garden and the woods surrounding the house was something I thought I already knew.  Perhaps I just took them for granted.  It wasn’t until now, while doing the Journal that it really made an impact. I’d always been fascinated by snakes and their cousins, lizards. When … Continue reading »

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Calm Singers

“>Many animals have instincts that automatically put them in motion to flee when approached by people. Others have instincts that initially make them motionless until they either feel threatened enough to attempt an escape or safe enough to move. Frogs seem to be some of those motionless ones. The Gray Treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis – Hyla versicolor) is … Continue reading »

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Will the Real Poison Ivy . . .

More than once, first time visitors to the Ranch ask why poison ivy is allowed to climb  the small oak tree along the front door walkway. I’ve sort of gotten used to it and have developed a rather nice little speech about the virtues of the innocent five-leaved Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia L. Planchon) Almost every part of the vine … Continue reading »

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